Monday-Friday 8:00AM – 4PM


Game clock consist of two halves at 30 minutes each, and one intermission of 10 minutes.
If necessary, each team gets one 2-minutes timeouts per half.
Ties will result in fifteen-minute overtime. Free throws follow if the tie still there.
Make sure to do an Equipment check before the start of the game.
Different ways to start, Coin Toss, Ref throws/kicks the ball to the middle of the field.

1. No players are allowed in the target zone, there is no goalie and no offside in the game.
2. All shots by hand score one point, head-butts and kicks score three points.
3. If a shot misses the target zone players can get the rebound and shoot again as long as it takes place outside the target area. If it stays in, the ball is turned over to the opposite team.
4. Any penalty-shots involving the target zone position, can be chosen by the player as well as kicking or throwing.
5. Anytime a score is made, players have to return to center field.
6. If any fouls are made, the fouled player can choose a team member and how to pass the ball (either by hand or foot) or pass it himself/herself.
7. When a foul is made players of the opposite team must stay 15 feet away from the player in possession of the ball during a pass.
8. If the ball is caught by hand, players can dribble/pass by hand.
9. If the ball hits the ground at any time other than while dribbling, player must dribble/pass by foot.
10. Players that pass high by foot to another player can catch the ball and dribble/pass by hand once again this is including him/herself.
11. If the ball is kicked or tossed out of bounds by hand or foot, it should be tossed back in by hand.
12. Players can’t hold or carry the ball without dribbling.
13. If the ball bounces twice on the field without contact by hand while dribbling, then all players must dribble and pass by foot.
14. (Push Night/Push Day is Three Games in One) Please, play and follow the same safety guidance such as basketball, volleyball and soccer along with Push Night Rules.
Important: This is a non-contact sport. Therefore, each and every player is expected to be in control of his or her body, language and temper at all times, otherwise fouls will be strictly assessed, regardless of intent. All players are responsible for their actions in the interest of safety, and conduct good sportsmanship. Play at your own risk.